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Little Women (1994)

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Sometimes not taking a shower or brushing my hair is a good look on me.  💩👑🐋

Sometimes not taking a shower or brushing my hair is a good look on me. 💩👑🐋

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"Do you remember none of that ?"
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Plus-Size Giveaway!



I was doing the ol’ spring cleaning today and came across a bunch of clothing that I never wear, and what better to do than host my very first giveaway! Update your closet with awesome clothes that I bought online and didn’t fit me because like Whose Line Is It Anyway, the sizes are made up and the measurements don’t matter! (I’m not bitter…)


> you don’t have to follow me, but it would be nice :-))
> must have a shipping address in Canada or the US
> reblogs + likes count
> ***no giveaway blogs***
> giveaway ends September 30th

Red Velvet Wedges with Studded Toe, Penningtons, Size 9W


I could NOT, for the life of me, find a picture of these online. But they are gorgeous. They read as kind of brown here, but they’re a really nice deep red/burgundy color. I bought them in-store, but silly me, did not try them on. “They’re perfectly my size,” I thought. “It’s like a match made in heaven!”. WRONG. I usuallywear a 9 to a 9 1/2 W, and these are at least a full size (maybe a size and a half) too big for me. Like, I can’t even walk in them. So my loss is your gain!

Lightning Bolt Print Super Skinny Stiletto Jeans, Torrid, Size 24


These jeans are super cute, but they were an online purchase and unfortunately, they don’t fit me right. At my current size 22, they’re pretty baggy. I would probably recommend these for a large size 24/small 26.

Leopard & Skull Print Smooth Demi Bra, Torrid, 42DDD


Adorable, super-comfy and the straps detach in the back (this gives you the ability to cross them - who doesn’t love a good racerback?). I really love this bra, but I think it runs small (I believe I’m a 42DDD, but we all know women’s clothing sizes are determined by tossing a dart at a board, while blindfolded… in a snowstorm).  

Women’s Knit Midi Skirt - Black & White Striped, Target, 2XL


Soft, cute, fits well. Nothing bad to say about it. I just suck at putting together outfits and subsequently, have not worn it once. (Oops!)

Metallic Aztec Metal Keeper Super Skinny Waist Belt, ASOS Curve, Size 18-20

I love this belt, but I think I was a little over-optimistic in buying it in a size 18-20 (I think it was the only size they had left in stock). Long story short, at a size 22, it ALMOST fits, but not quite. Unless you like looking like someone tied a string around a sausage.

Black Chiffon Cat-Print Scarf, Brand Unknown, One Size


Need I say more?

None of these items have ever been worn, only tried on a few times.
(Once when I first bought them, and again every couple of months after when I tried to convince myself that MAYBE it would fit this time). I also live in a house with a few cats, so people with allergies should be wary, but of course I will wash everything before shipping. So like, reblog and cross your fingers and all this awesome stuff could be coming your way! Good luck!

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T h e r e ’ s   n o   h a p p y   e n d i n g   w i t h   m e .
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If you’re not down with Sweet Baby Ray’s, I’m not down with you.  

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dig a bit in the history of this place, you’ll find a steady stream of fairly odd occurrences. i believe this whole area is the center of mystical energy, that things gravitate towards it that you might not find elsewhere | welcome to the hellmouth

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