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I’m going to have to inform you, this is Tarzan. 


Happy earth day…

a-wild-sara-appears asked:
Okay, so I know you were in a LDR, and I need advice. My bf and I have been together for a couple years and now we're transferring to different universities next fall. I haven't made my final decision yet, but he asked me to come with him, if I wanted. I do, but I don't and I'm torn. But I wanted to did you deal with the distance? I don't know if I could handle it.

I mean, the distance sucks but as long as you trust each other and communicate it really does make it easier.  That said, LDRs aren’t for everyone.  You might find that you thought you could do it but it’s just too much and you aren’t in a place where you can successfully maintain it.  My boyfriend and I had lots of fights, lots of great and wonderful nights, and lots of sadness between us when we were apart.  You just never really know how it will be for you until you do it.  And it’s not the same for everyone.  If you think you can do it, then always communicate with each other.  Never get off the phone or stop Skyping or whatever when you are angry.  Make time for each other but don’t let each other take over your lives.  Do things with others and live your life and try not to be upset when they can’t always spend time with you on the phone or skyping.  It’s hard, but it’s worth it if you really love the person :)

My boyfriend is cuter than me today and I’m very upset about it.



blueklectic Explains It Best: Broke People With Great Fashion Sense

My daily struggle

I feel this in an emotional level

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Belle featurette from Fox Searchlight Pictures

AHH! CanNOT wait for this to come out!!

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'why do girls only like assholes?'