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I can’t stop sneezing my tummy is upset.  HALP ME.

a  toast

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oh my god

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agentprovocateurrr asked:
When it comes to chiffon things at F21, I bought two shirts and a dress in an XL (my normal size in everything else)and it was extremely big on me. So you should try to get a size smaller with that. And pants from there, in my opinion, shouldn't be bought offline simply because their sizing is the most inaccurate thing ever

I hear their pants are terribly inconsistent and often run very small.  Thanks for the info!

jessicadeanne98 asked:
Why are you so amazing? I like literally love your confidence! I can only dream of having a self esteem like yours. Stay you!😘

Thanks lovely :)

Anonymous asked:
Do you (or any of your followers) know where I can find plus-sized vintage clothing? :)

I don’t know of any shops specifically but I have always seen lots of things in thrift stores.  You should also try eBay, Etsy, and Storenvy.  Anyone else have ideas?

I still get really excited when I hear Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye